Lord-Captain DaiXiao Kang

Lord-Captain of the Anastasia Kang, and proud heir to the Kang Dynasty. Also, teetering on brink of insanity. . .


DaiXiao Kang was born 883.M41, as firstborn of DaiShin Kang, and heir to the Kang Dynasty.
His whole life, he was prepared for the day that the revered Warrant of Trade should fall into his hands. In 965.M41, that day came, with the untimely death of his father. DaiXiao ascended to the role of Lord-Captain, the ruler of the Kang Dynasty.

For years, DaiXiao led his Dynasty throughout the far reaches of the void. The Kang Dynasty was no longer so glorious as it had once been, and DaiXiao was determined to change that. Unfortunately, he was not finding very much success. As the years went by, DaiXiao began to fear that Kang Dynasty would never see a return to glory.

He became desperate.

Taking the Dynasty’s finest ship, the Anastasia Kang, deep into the Koronus Expanse, he pursued every prospect he caught wind of. Eventually, he found the Pinnacle of Light, once the proud ship of the Rogue Trader Adelbrandt Mourne, now an ancient space hulk, drifting on the fringes of the Rifts of Hecaton.

DaiXiao Kang led the small party that boarded the Pinnacle of Light, seeking whatever treasures had been left behind. For three whole days, the rest of the ship heard nothing from DaiXiao and those who went aboard with him. When he, at last, did return, he was alone. His clothes were splattered with blood, his eyes wide and distant, and in his hand he clutched a simple imperial aquila pendant.

DaiXiao gave no explanation for what happened in there, but simply ordered that the Pinnacle of Light be destroyed. The crew was wary of what had happened to their Lord-Captain, but they were obedient. The Anastasia Kang left the area, not looking back.

For the next few years, the Dynasty continued its search for power and profit, but had little luck. If he had seemed driven before, DaiXiao now seemed a man acting out of desperation. Day by day, he became more and more unhinged. Bad decisions were made, and even more profit lost. Eventually, in a fit of rage, DaiXiao ordered that the Anastasia Kang return to the Calixis Sector. They obeyed, eventually journeying all the way to Scintilla, the capital of the Calixis Sector.

Shortly after arriving at Scintille, DaiXiao was invited to the party of Tyrius Hax, brother to the Governor of the entire Calixis Sector, Marius Hax. After socializing at the party for only a few minutes, DaiXiao disappeared from the party. He was not seen again for the better part of a year. His closest aides did what they could to keep the Dynasty under control, providing many harmless excuses for his absence.

When DaiXiao did return, he acted as though nothing had happened. He had been away making various business deals, for the betterment of the Dynasty. That was all.

From that point on, DaiXiao seemed more confident in the Kang Dynasty, but in a measured and controlled way. He was no longer driven by desperation, fearing that the Dynasty would never see its former glory. He was calm and collected, certain that they would find success in the Koronus Expanse.

Lord-Captain DaiXiao Kang

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