Rogue Trader: The Redemption of the Kang Dynasty

The first voyage of the Anastasia Kang

Ork The voyage of the Anastasia began, auspiciously dropping out of the warp, into and ork pirate ambush. The foul xenos had corrupted a Kang ship, the Andreala, as well as the Imperial ship, the dynamic. Both ships were heroically reclaimed. Yet with great gains came great cost. Faydra, the Enginseer, lost her face to an ork chain ax. The Leader of the orks, Kaptin Krag Smolgasher, (who fell quickly to the Lord Captain’s power sword), had a plasma gun, that belonged to Ztu Kang. This plasma gun held coordinates, which along with information from the ship’s logs, leads the way to a planet full of opportunity. After a quick rest at footfall, Captain Kang and his crew prepare to head off for opportunity, but with opportunity for great glory and profit, comes opportunity for death, and impoverishment.


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