Rogue Trader: The Redemption of the Kang Dynasty

Space: The Final Frontier

Having found some coordinates, the crew decided to pursue and see what was there. On tbe way the Kang dynasty discovered a warp infestation on their ship, left over from a previous journey through the warp. Much of the crew mutated and in the process were turned onto foul tentacled monsters. After making a poison for the chaotic beasts, Faydra cleared out the infestation leaving the crew safe, if disgruntled. After having arrived at the coordinates, the crew found a space hulk, with one of the components being the old dynasty ship, the Alyss. The crew boarded the Alyss, where they encountered a few Rak’gol. The Rak’gol slaughtered much ofnthe away team, including Faydra’s Turdeth. In the process of defeating thr Rak’gol, the crew found a survivor from the Alyss, and Seraphina found a psychic snake that saved her life from the blade ofnthe Rak’gol. The Rak’gol were defeated with casualties and long lasting scars. The crew secured the Alyss and returned to their ship, just in time for the sensor auguries to alert them of incoming ships


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