Rogue Trader: The Redemption of the Kang Dynasty

Rogue Traders, Eldar, and Yu'Vath, Oh My!

Wherein the Kang Dynasty Fought Some Xenos

Lord-Admiral Devin Von Lichtenstein

Shortly after salvaging the Alyss from the wreckage of the Space Hulk, the augur arrays alerted the crew to the presence of incoming vessels. Armed, and ready for a fight, the crew was relieved to see that all of the ten starships were Imperial, belonging to the Rogue Trader Lord-Admiral Devin Von Lichtenstein.

The crew agreed to be entertained as guests aboard Von Lichtenstein’s flagship, as well as to discuss possible trade agreements. There were several minor trades made, mostly in the form of equipment for the officers, as well as a new chef, the esteemed Von Lini. The most significant deal entered into through this meeting was a the exchange of an STC (for the manufacturing of Chainswords) for a contract to sell some of the minerals mined from the Colony of Urdessa. Once the meeting concluded, the Lord-Admiral Devin Von Lichtenstein, and his fleet, departed.

Xenos Encounter

Having heard from Von Lichtenstein that Footfall was preparing to defend themselves against an incoming Ork Waaagh!!!, the crew decided it would be a good chance to seek glory for the dynasty, by lending their aid. As the Navigator, Seraphina, began to locate the Astronomicon, the augur arrays alerted the crew to the presence of more incoming vessels. These ships, however, were not of Imperial Origins.

Five Eldar vessels showed up, armed and ready for combat. While the crew was, at first, uncertain that they could deal with five enemy vessels at once, their superiority in size and armaments was enough to make up the difference. After crippling two of the Eldar vessels, the remaining three fled the scene.

Parties were sent over to raid the Eldar vessels for loot, as all Eldar onboard the two crippled vessels had died from lost life support. Among the things salvaged were a few odd Eldar weapons, ship components, and two Eldar Soulstones. Lord-Captain DaiXiao Kang claimed one Soulstone for his own collection, while Explorator Faydra Withersnap claimed another for her studies; Arch-Militant Zeelamar also claimed a weapon for himself. Seraphina was displeased with the taking of Xenos artefacts, but was reprimanded by the Lord-Captain.

The Unseen Xenos

The crew completed the looting of the Eldar Vessels, and returned to their plans to travel to Footfall. As they traveled through the Warp, the crew began to notice a peculiar phenomena. Throughout the entire ship, members of the crew were suffering from short-term memory loss. Entire days seemed to blip out of existence. Some crew members went so far as to forget their whole identity. There was great distress among the crew, and Seraphina insisted that it was an evil brought upon them by the Xenos artefacts they had claimed.

DaiXiao pondered upon what the threat could be, and in so doing opened his unsettled mind to the whispers of the void. As he slept that night, his dreams were marked by the repeated words: “Yu’Vath. Yu’Vath. Yu’Vath.”

Awakening with a start, DaiXiao saw, hovering over him, a large, crystalline sphere, crackling with dark energy. The sphere lashed out at him with wisps of energy, and DaiXiao retaliated with the Agonizer Lash he had discovered aboard the Eldar vessel. Before he could deal any significant damage, however, DaiXiao took a serious wound across the chest, and passed out from the shock.

DaiXiao awoke with no memory of what had happened. However, the event had pushed his mind over the edge, and he had developed a minor mental disorder, a delusion of righteousness. Calling for the extermination of whatever had wounded him, in the name of the God-Emperor, Zeelamar set out to find this hidden threat.

In a dark corridor, in the depths of the ship, Zeelamar encountered the dreaded xenos entity. With righteous fury, he shattered the abomination into a thousand shards of glass. As she studied the glass shards later, Faydra identified the being as a Crystalwisp, a malicious artefact left behind by the Yu’vath. An investigation was sent to the Alyss, discovering that the entire vessel was infested with them. The Alyss was destroyed, to purge the xenos threat.


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